FairElections.gy is an advocacy movement established to halt the disenfranchisement of Guyana’s voting-age youth by demanding that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) undertake house-to-house voter registration as mandated by law.

Not only does the current voters list violate the voting rights of up to 20,000 voting-age citizens, but also contains up to 200,000 incorrect entries, increasing the risk of rigging and fraud.

Various leaders and members of all political parties have acknowledged that the voters list is flawed and outdated, but the issue is in fact very grave. 20,000 votes, such as the ones being excluded, are enough to win multiple seats in parliament, thus affecting the future course of the nation.

Our movement welcomes the support and cooperation of all organisations committed to strengthening representative democracy in Guyana. Join with us to demand action. Join with us to demand a fair election.